Why choose AiTO?

We believe our masks are the highest level of technology (nanotech to repel droplets and microorganisms), and breathability using our proprietary antibacterial fabric. They're affordable too, even with the use of top designers and materials.

Along with that, order from us and you will actually receive your face masks. Many websites have fake certifications, fake shipping dates or overcharge for a cheap, unreliable product. Our masks have been tested by Intertek for water resistance, antibacterial activity, durability in the wash and UV protection. These certificates can be provided for proof if desired.

What sizes are available?

Our masks have been designed using 3D technology to create the perfect "one size fits all" face mask. Our adjustable nose band can be twisted to fit the shape of your nose and maintains the structure of our mask.

What is the best way to clean the mask?

The AiTO Face Mask can be washed up to 30 times in the washer (60C°) and left to air dry until fully dry. It should not lose colour or shape if cleaned correctly. 

People usually wash their masks in the evening and leave it air dry overnight. It really depends on how much and how often you use the mask.

We recommend having 2 to 3 personal masks for just yourself to rotate if one is unavailable. Studies have shown that leaving a fabric mask alone for 72 hours is the most effective way to make sure it’s free from any viable harmful particles.

Do not microwave since it might cause a fire. Always take the mask off by the straps and wash your hands before you touch your face.



If you have other questions, please contact us: