Return Policy

For hygienic reasons, this return policy does not apply to face masks and similar garments and to consumable goods.

If you receive a product other than the one you ordered, we will replace it with the correct product at no additional cost. The same policy applies for broken, damaged or substandard products. In this case, please make a written note of this on the shipping invoice and send an email to this effect to within 48 hours of the time when your product was delivered. This will allow us to get in touch with the shipping company and, in the event that the damages were caused by this company, file a claim for damages. In your email, please include your purchase agreement reference number and the cost of the product. Attach a copy of your invoice to your email. AiTO Fashion Oy will not be held responsible for any problems that may have occurred which are not communicated to us within 48 hours of delivery.


When we receive your return, we will check to make sure that it meets the terms and conditions of the return policy set out above. This process may take up to 14 days. Presuming the product meets the conditions set out above, AiTO Fashion Oy will issue a refund for the purchase price, minus the cost of return shipping. The return shipping cost will be equal to the original shipping cost.

Your refund will be issued within fifteen days, calculated from the day when we receive the object you have returned. 

Refunds will be issued via bank transfer. 

1.- Company Profile

This website is owned by AiTO Fashion Oy (hereinafter referred to as AITO FASHION), Company ID 3131660-6, with registered address at Lauttasaarentie 48 B 22, 00200 (Helsinki). You may contact the company in any of the following manners:

Customer Support Hotline:

Phone: +358 50 547 8959



2.- Website Terms and Conditions

2.1 Introduction

2.1.1.- By accessing this Website and/or using the functions (hereinafter, Services) and contents (hereinafter, Contents) presented therein, you (hereinafter referred to as “you” or “User”) implicitly accept all terms and conditions of this Legal Notice. If you do not accept any of the terms and conditions contained herein or have any reservations related thereto, you must refrain from accessing the Website or using the Services or Contents contained therein.

2.1.2.- Special conditions or rules may apply to certain Contents or Services on this Website. In some cases, these conditions may replace, complement or modify the terms of this Legal Notice. In the case of any conflicts between the special terms and conditions or rules and those presented in this Legal Notice, the special terms and conditions shall prevail. Consequently, you must also read and accept these terms and conditions.

2.1.3.- This Legal Notice and all other terms and conditions on this Website may be modified or replaced at any time. The new terms and conditions will replace, complement or modify those currently in effect starting at the moment on which they are published on the Website or in any other way which allows the User to become aware of their contents.

2.2 Services Provided to the User

2.2.1.- You may utilize this Website to access the following Contents and Services:

  • AiTO Fashion online mask store
  • Information and news, publications or any and all other issues related to the main purpose of this Website
  • Contents written by AiTO FASHION
  • A directory of recommended addresses (links)
  • Forums where people can share their opinions about products
  • Technical support about the materials used to manufacture high-performance products
  • Opportunities for clients to purchase products offered by AITO FASHION
  • Access to games, special offers, discounts, raffles and contests offered by AITO FASHION and other companies approved by AITO FASHION

2.2.2.- AITO FASHION reserves the right to modify, suspend, delete or restrict the Contents or Services provided on the Website, any links included therein as well as any information that can be obtained thereby without prior notice.

2.3 General Terms and Conditions

2.3.1.- The information contained on this Website and the products and services offered thereby are primarily intended for public and private individuals and corporations residing in Finland and/or the European Union and/or accessing the Website from Finland and/or the European Union. Consequently, AITO FASHION accepts no responsibilities for any and all consequences which may arise when individuals access the Website from jurisdictions where the distribution or use of said elements may run counter to the regulations of said country.

2.3.2.- The Contents and Services offered by means of this Website are intended for persons of legal age. Minors are prohibited from purchasing products without consent from their legal guardians. Legal guardians shall be responsible for any purchases made by minors who falsify data in accordance with the terms of Finnish and European legislation.

2.3.3.- By accessing this Website, you accept that your personal data may be handled in the manner described in the Privacy Policy. At any time, you may choose to stop accessing the Contents of this Website or cancel your registration for its Services.

2.3.4.- The Contents contained in this Website come from sources that AITO FASHION considers reliable. Nonetheless, it cannot be guaranteed that Contents will be exact, complete and updated at all times. Therefore, AITO FASHION expressly waives any and all liability for errors or omissions in the information contained in this Website.

2.3.5.- Although AITO FASHION makes all reasonable efforts to guarantee that the Contents and Services offered via this Website are available at all times, you should be aware that accidental or unforeseen events may limit or interrupt access to this Website and that the Website may not be available at times when AITO FASHION is carrying out needed improvements, maintenance or similar actions.

2.3.6.- You are responsible for the costs of the telephone line, internet or any other costs unrelated to our making this site available that you may incur when using this Website.

2.3.7 You may need to download software programs in order to access some Website Contents or use some Website Services. You are solely responsible for any such actions, and release AITO FASHION from any liability therefore.

2.3.8. By accessing the Contents and Services offered via this Website, you are subject to the following regulations:

  1. a) You may not utilize the Website in any way which may harm or damage the rights or interests of AITO FASHION, other Users, or third parties, especially as pertains to intellectual or industrial property and the like.
  2. b) You may not act in any fashion which conflicts with Laws, decency, public order or generally accepted customs.
  3. c) You may only access this Website by means of the interface made available by AITO FASHION. Any other form of access is strictly prohibited.
  4. d) You may not falsify your identity or impersonate another person.
  5. e) You are strictly prohibited from reading or managing any contents which contain malicious code or using any computer programs which may interrupt, destroy or damage any applications, computing system or telecommunications system.
  6. f) You may not act in any way, shape or form that may harm or damage this Website, its Contents and Services or the software, hardware, systems and networks which support it; or cause the aforementioned to be rendered useless. You may not illegally or inappropriately access or attempt to access those portions of the Site to which you do not have access. Furthermore, you may not interrupt, intercept or manipulate access to Services for other Users or cause damage to said Users.
  7. g) You may not modify, delete or change those symbols on the Website which denote the intellectual or industrial property rights of AITO FASHION or third parties or the technical tools established for identifying or protecting contents. You may not alter, remove or manipulate the aforementioned in any way, shape or form.

2.4.- Special Conditions 

2.4.1 You may freely and voluntarily participate in any of the opinion forums on this Website. Such actions are subject to the general conditions detailed in the previous section of the Terms and Conditions and are also subject to those terms presented hereunder. By participating in the opinion spaces, you accept the following terms and conditions:

  • You may not harass or pester other Users or third parties.
  • Any and all contributions to the opinion forums must be made respectfully and politely. Racist, xenophobic or discriminatory language as well as insults of any kind are strictly prohibited.
  • You may not share or process any information which should be considered secret or confidential and which should not be shared.
  • You may not send advertising, marketing or sales-related messages of any type, either directly or indirectly, to other Users or to third parties. You may not send unrequested messages to an indeterminate number of people or to mailing lists. You may not send chain messages.
  • You may not share, spread or manage any contents which damage the property, rights or interests of AITO FASHION, other Users or third parties; which infringe upon current laws; which may represent a risk for the physical or mental health of other Users or third parties; which are inexact, false, ambiguous or exaggerated; which instigate or promote criminal, denigrating, defamatory or violent actions; which promote attitudes or ideas which discriminate on the basis of sex, race, religion, opinion, beliefs, age or condition; or which include violent, pornographic, obscene, criminal or degrading information.
  • You may not post or share messages which incite or may incite other Users or third parties to unacceptable degrees of anxiety or fear or which incite the aforementioned to participate in or conduct dangerous, risky, damaging, illegal or immoral acts.
  • You may not send messages which infringe upon intellectual or intellectual property rights or contain confidential business information belonging to others.
  • You may not post messages whose content infringes upon the rights to honor, personal and family privacy, the image of individuals or personal data protection laws.
  • You may not post messages which, by virtue of their nature (length, format, etc.), hinder the normal operations of the Service. Specifically, you may not utilize any form of code whatsoever which causes messages to be repeated or engage in any similar action which prevents the Website from functioning normally.
  • You may not send messages which, directly or indirectly, insult, damage or harm the image, services or products of AITO FASHION

2.4.2 Notwithstanding your obligation to comply with the aforementioned regulations, all Users of the opinion forums must be aware of the following recommendations:

  • You agree not to attempt to imply that your opinion is the only valid opinion, impose your opinion on others or disparage the opinions of others.
  • Any and all images or files which you attach to your messages should be of a size that can be correctly seen in the opinion forums and should respect all regulations pertaining to intellectual and industrial property, patents and trademarks.

2.5.- Special Conditions for Questions and Answers

You may freely and voluntarily choose to ask questions or provide answers on any of the spaces designed for this purpose on this Website. Any questions you ask or answers you suggest shall be subject to the following conditions:

  • Questions and queries you pose and the answers thereto may be published on the Website. However, AITO FASHION reserves the right to publish only those questions it considers most interesting or believes may meet the needs of the greatest number of Users.
  • In order to provide the best possible response, questions and queries may be shared on other, third-party platforms and help programs, with groups of experts, associations or AITO FASHION collaborators, or published on the Websites of said parties. AITO FASHION takes no responsibility whatsoever for the specific conditions that said parties have established for answering questions and queries.


3.- Liability

3.1.- You recognize that you are exclusively liable for your use of this Website and its Contents and Services. Concretely speaking, AITO FASHION assumes no liability for any related issues, including but not limited to:

  • The availability or operations of the Website, Services and Contents as well as the quality or interoperability thereof.
  • The purposes for which you are using the Website.
  • Any way in which you or third parties may break the laws currently in effect, specifically with regard to the intellectual or industrial property belonging to other persons or bodies.
  • The existence of malicious code or any other harmful computing resource which might damage your operating system or the operating system of others. In any event, you are responsible for guaranteeing that your computing resources utilize adequate software to detect and remove such malware.
  • Fraudulent access by unauthorized third parties to the Contents or Services, or, where applicable, any action that the aforementioned might conduct, including intercepting, deleting, altering, modifying or manipulating messages or communications.
  • The exactness, truth, up-to-dateness or usefulness of the Contents and Services offered or the ways in which you may use them.
  • Any and all damage that may affect computer equipment while accessing the Website as well as any damage stemming from service outages or disconnections in telecommunications networks which interrupt the service.
  • Any harm or damages arising from unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure.

3.2.- AITO FASHION is not liable for monitoring the ways in which Users use the Contents or Services of this Website, the identities of users or the exactness or truthfulness of the data or information they provide. You are exclusively liable for the way in which you utilize these Contents or Services as well as the information you publish or transmit thereby. You assume all liabilities, including legal fees, for indemnifying AITO FASHION, other Users and third parties, and other professionals for all damages you cause with regard to any legal complaints or settlements related to breach of the terms and conditions of this Legal Notice as well as any other laws and regulations which may apply.

In all opinion forums and other spaces, you should be aware that messages only reflect the views of the User who has published them, and that said User is solely liable for said messages. AITO FASHION shall not be held liable for the contents of any messages sent by Users.

3.3.- AITO FASHION reserves the right to block access to this Website or the Services or Contents provided therein to any User if there are indications that this User may be utilizing the aforementioned in a way which runs counter to the terms and conditions set out in this Legal Notice. Such access may be suspended without prior notice. AITO FASHION shall not be held responsible by the interested party or by others for such actions.

3.4.- This Website may utilize appropriate technical means to guarantee that illegal content, content which damages the property, rights or interests of AITO FASHION or other parties or content which infringes upon this Legal Notice is not communicated or spread.

3.5.- If you observe an infringement of the terms and conditions of this Legal Notice or other applicable terms and conditions, please feel free to report this to AITO FASHION by writing to the Customer Service email address published on the Website. Please note that AITO FASHION shall not be held responsible for responding to said claim if the company finds that such an infringement did not occur or that it did occur but is justified on a one-time basis due to the circumstances of the case.

3.6.- AITO FASHION reserves the right to bring legal claims against any Users who, individually or through third parties, act in ways which are prohibited by this Legal Notice.


4.- Links

4.1.- If you wish to include a link to this Website on another site, you must comply with the following conditions:

  1. a) You may not create frames of any type whatsoever which surround the Website or allow the Website to be seen via different internet addresses or alongside contents unconnected to this Website in a way that generates or could generate confusion or error with regard to the source of the service or its contents, constitutes an act of unfair comparison or imitation, draws on the reputation, trademarks or prestige of AITO FASHION, its clients or providers, or acts in any other way or fashion prohibited by law;
  2. b) You may not make any false or inexact statements about AITO FASHION or the quality of its products, services, clients, providers or employees on the page which includes the link;
  3. c) You may not use AITO FASHION's logo or any other distinctive symbol thereof on your Website, except in those cases in which you have received express authorization to do so by AITO FASHION. To request authorization to use the logos and trademarks which are the property of AITO FASHION, please send an email to Include your request, personal data and the context and/or media in which you would like to use these trademarks or symbols. You may not under any circumstances use such symbols without receiving prior written authorization to this effect from AITO FASHION.
  4. d) Any page containing a link to our website must comply with all laws currently in effect and may not contain or link to illegal or damaging contents, contents which run counter to morality or generally accepted ethical standards, contents which generate or may generate the false idea that AITO FASHION support or backs the ideas, statements or acts of the linker or contents which are unrelated to AITO FASHION and our clients, bearing in mind the contents and general topic of the Website where the link is created.

4.2.- Links on the AITO FASHION Website:

AITO FASHION shall not be held liable for the contents of any third-party Websites you can access by means of links posted on this Website. AITO FASHION does not recommend the sites accessed via the aforementioned links or guarantee the quality or exactness of the information obtained thereby. Furthermore, AITO FASHION shall not be held responsible for any losses, claims or damages deriving from the use thereof, any information obtained therefrom, any service interruptions, any privacy-related measures these sites may adopt, or the way in which your personal data may be handled by these sites. AITO FASHION recommends that you carefully read the legal notices, terms and conditions and privacy policies on such websites.


5.- Industrial and Intellectual Property

5.1.- All Contents and Services of this Website (texts, photographs, videos, graphics, images, technology, software, links, audiovisual contents, graphic design, source code, etc.), as well as all trademarks and other distinctive signs are the property of AITO FASHION or third parties. By using this Website, you do not in any way, shape or form obtain any rights whatsoever to these Contents, Services, trademarks and other distinctive signs.

Any wrongful use of said elements by individuals who do not legitimately own such contents and without express, unambiguous consent from said owner(s) may be reported and prosecuted by any and all available legal means. All individuals accessing the page are required to respect intellectual and industrial property rights. You assume exclusive responsibility for any consequences which may arise from such access and use.

5.2.- You May Not:

  1. a) Reproduce, distribute, make available to others, publicly share, transform or modify the Contents of this Website except where permitted by law or expressly authorized by AITO FASHION;
  2. b) Reproduce, distribute, publicly communicate, decompile, modify or make available to others the software or databases contained in or underlying this Website.

5.3.- The following exceptions shall apply to the aforementioned point: AITO FASHION clients or providers holding a contract expressly authorizing them to utilize or reproduce the contents of this Website; and downloading, copying or printing the freely accessible, free contents on this Website for personal, private use.

5.4.- In any event, large-scale downloading of content or databases is prohibited, regardless of whether said actions are performed manually or via software programs designed for said purpose (spider software or similar programs).

5.5.- Unless explicitly agreed upon for a given case, by providing or including content on the Website, you grant AITO FASHION a free, non-exclusive, worldwide license of indefinite duration to reproduce, publish, publicly share, and transmit said content, in whole or in part, in any form or by means of any medium or technology whatsoever. This license shall expire at the moment when you voluntarily delete said content from the Service. You shall be solely liable for guaranteeing that these contents are legal and do not damage the rights or interests of AITO FASHION. You undertake to indemnify any and all parties suffering from damages related to this content.


6.- Severability

If a clause in this Legal Notice is declared to be wholly or partially invalid or void, all other clauses thereof shall remain in full force and effect.

 If in a given moment AITO FASHION chooses not to exercise any of the rights enshrined in this Legal Notice, said action shall by no means prevent AITO FASHION from making use of said rights at another time and in the face of another breach.


7.- Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

7.1.- The User undertakes to use this Website correctly and in accordance with the Law, this Legal Notice and any other conditions, regulations or instructions which may apply thereto.

7.2.- This Legal Notice is subject to Finnish Law. The Courts of Helsinki shall retain jurisdiction for any and all questions related to the interpretation and application thereof and compliance therewith.